Different Methods For Towing Vehicles

An automobile can be towed for a variety of reasons. One of the main causes to tow an automobile is an emergency. Your best bet in those situations is a towing company like car towing services. Additionally, you might be pulling a car behind the vehicle solely for transportation.

Options for Recreational Towing

1. Tow dolly

A typical trailer hitch is used to attach a tow dolly to the back of your car or RV. The front wheels of your car are driven up onto the trailer and secured to the trailer’s bed. Similar to a second set of tyres on a typical trailer, the back wheels can freely spin.

2. Flatbed Trailer

Rear-wheel drive vehicles or older vehicles that can struggle with the free spin of towing should consider flatbed trailers. When transporting collection automobiles or other unusual vehicles to events, many people choose for this alternative. With the use of ramps and a wench, your automobile is hoisted onto the flatbed, and the wheels are then securely fastened to the bed of the trailer for stability.

3. Four-Wheels Down

The adoption of this technique has increased recently. The towed vehicle becomes the trailer when a semi-permanent trailer tongue is attached to the bumper or chassis. Once more, it’s crucial to put the car in neutral to allow the wheels to spin freely.

4. Tow Strap or Tow Chain

Long distances shouldn’t be travelled using this option because it is the riskiest. On private property, this is a good alternative for getting your automobile out of a ditch or moving it a short distance, but it is typically not permitted on public roads.

In most circumstances, a tow strap is sturdy polyester webbing that can withstand a tremendous load without breaking. For visibility, it is typically composed of a bright yellow or orange material. Replace your tow strap right away because it is no longer secure to use if it is frayed. A tow strap that ruptures under pressure will whip back from the breakpoint and could seriously hurt anyone in the vicinity.

Find your car’s recovery point to employ a tow strap. Older vehicles have a designated hole under the plastic sheathing in the front and rear bumpers. A threaded eyebolt may need to be fitted in front of a plastic bumper cover on more recent vehicles. Read more : /qzxeesx5kx8

5. Tow Services

You may always hire a towing service for emergencies if you don’t have the necessary equipment, supplies, or knowledge to handle the situation on your own. Most tow firms offer emergency services seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day. They have the skills necessary to safely recover, load, and transport your vehicle.

Many towing professionals can assist with simple repairs as well. They can unlock your door, fix your tyre, jump your battery, replace the battery if their jump box is ineffective, and do a lot more with the equipment and skills they possess. In case of an accident, keep a backup copy of your insurance information on hand so the tow truck driver may charge your insurance for services.


In order to use the procedures described above, you must either make sure your automobile has front-wheel drive or put it in neutral before towing. If your vehicle is rear-wheel drive or not in neutral, the wheels will be attached to the driveline and not be able to freely rotate.

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