Buying New Versus Used Industrial Machinery

Adding a new piece of machinery to your arsenal of choices can be a significant investment that any construction company can make. Among the many decisions that you must make when expanding capacity or capability is if you should purchase new or used machinery. Both have advantages and disadvantages, so weigh your options carefully before visiting industrial machinery dealers.

Benefits of Used Machinery

Even though a used machine may have a little bit of wear, it may have many advantages. They include:


A used machine may be a worthwhile choice if you are wanting to save some money. Because used machinery often has a bit of wear, it is sold at a lower price point. This implies that by buying used machinery, you may save money. You can put that money towards other aspects of your manufacturing business.

Purchase Services As-Is

Although used machinery may not come with additional services such as freight, installation, warranties, or training, these can be added as needed. When you buy a new machine, you may pay for all of these items upfront. You may not require training if you are already familiar with the machine and controller. With used machinery, you can choose which items to include in the purchase package, which may be financed differently than new machinery.

Preventing Depreciation

Machines, like cars, may lose value in their first months and years of use. Purchasing used equipment may allow you to avoid the initial depreciation because the person who purchased it first has already taken the loss. 

Benefits of New Machinery

Even though they may depreciate quickly, are not always readily available, and have a higher initial cost, new equipment also has some advantages. They include:


When you purchase new equipment, you know it has never been used before. You may often expect fewer or zero maintenance issues. This can mean fewer costly repairs or periods of downtime. Operating costs may also be positively influenced because the equipment should operate reliably. 


New equipment may provide you access to the most recent and innovative offerings. Every year, heavy equipment technology advances. If you want to take advantage of these advancements, buy new equipment. You may benefit from increased engineering efficiency to smart technology such as autonomous and telematics capabilities.

Warranty Options

New equipment may often come with a warranty. This can help protect your investment from any problems. If an unplanned breakdown or controller/drive failure occurs, the manufacturer may quickly repair the machine. While warranties do not guarantee that your new machine will not break down, they may provide some assurance that help will be available if it does.

Visit Industrial Machinery Dealers Today

Deciding whether to buy new or used industrial machinery can be challenging. While new machinery can be more reliable and efficient, used machinery can be a great option for construction companies on a budget. Do your research and purchase your machinery from reputable industrial machinery dealers. This may help provide the best quality machinery for your money.

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