WYFF News 4 Launches Spanish-Language Newscast

Are you a Spanish-speaking resident of South Carolina looking for local news in your language? Look no further than WYFF News 4! This Greenville-based station has been delivering top-notch English-language news to the Upstate region since 1953, and now they’re expanding their reach to include a daily Spanish-language newscast. In this blog post, we’ll explore the history of WYFF News 4, the launch of their new Spanish-language program, and what the future holds for this trusted source of local news. So sit back, relax, and get ready to learn all about WYFF News 4!

What is WYFF News 4?

WYFF News 4 is a local news station based in Greenville, South Carolina. It has been serving the Upstate region since its launch on October 15th, 1953. WYFF stands for “World’s Youngest Fighting Four” and was named by its founder, former New York City mayor Fiorello LaGuardia.

Over the years, WYFF has become a trusted source of news for residents of upstate South Carolina and western North Carolina. Its coverage includes breaking news events, weather updates, sports highlights, and in-depth investigative reports.

In addition to their broadcast programming on channel 4 (as well as digital sub-channels), WYFF also has an active online presence with a website that features articles, videos and live streaming content.

Through its commitment to delivering accurate and timely information to viewers across all platforms – television, web or social media – WYFF News 4 continues to be one of the most respected sources of local news in the Southeastern United States.

The History of WYFF News 4

WYFF News 4 is a television station that broadcasts news and current affairs to viewers in the Greenville, Spartanburg, Anderson, and Asheville areas of South Carolina. The station has a long history dating back to its establishment in 1953. It was originally known as WFBC-TV before it changed to WYFF-TV in 1976.

In the early years of its operation, WYFF focused mainly on entertainment programming with only short news segments. However, this soon changed when the station realized the importance of providing up-to-date information to their viewers.

Over time, WYFF became one of the most trusted sources for local news coverage in Upstate South Carolina. They covered major events such as Hurricane Hugo in 1989 and have continued to provide comprehensive coverage of breaking news stories ever since.

The station has also undergone several changes over the years including changing ownership multiple times and relocating their studios from downtown Greenville to their current location near Haywood Mall.

Despite these changes, WYFF remains committed to delivering quality journalism and maintaining their position as a leading source for local news coverage.

The Launch of the Spanish-Language Newscast

WYFF News 4, a trusted source of news and information in Greenville-Spartanburg-Anderson-Asheville region, has recently launched a new Spanish-Language Newscast to cater to the growing Hispanic community. The newscast premiered on September 20th at 6 pm and is the first station in South Carolina to offer such service.

The launch of this newscast comes as no surprise since Hispanics make up a significant portion of South Carolina’s population. According to statistics, there are over 253,000 Latinos living in the Palmetto State alone. This makes it crucial for media outlets like WYFF News 4 to provide relevant news content that caters to their needs.

The Spanish-Language Newscast features local stories that affect the Hispanic community directly. From politics, crime reports, weather updates, health tips, education news – everything will be delivered in Spanish by experienced bilingual reporters who bring years of experience covering Latino-related issues.

This initiative shows WYFF News 4’s commitment towards diversity and inclusion while reflecting its mission statement: “Coverage you can count on.” It also reinforces the station’s reputation as one of the most reputable broadcasters in South Carolina.

WYFF News 4’s decision to launch a Spanish-Language Newscast is an excellent move toward providing informative news coverage for non-English speakers. We hope other media outlets follow suit and continue catering relevant content towards diverse audiences.

What the future holds for WYFF News 4

WYFF News 4 has been a trusted source of news for the people of Greenville, South Carolina, and surrounding areas since its inception. With the launch of their Spanish-language newscast, WYFF News 4 is taking steps to broaden its reach and connect with more communities.

As technology continues to evolve, so does the way people consume news. In order to stay relevant in this fast-paced digital age, WYFF News 4 will need to adapt and continue innovating. This may mean expanding their online presence or incorporating new technologies into their reporting.

Additionally, as diversity becomes increasingly important in media representation, it’s possible that we may see even more diverse programming from WYFF News 4 in the future – perhaps featuring reporters from different backgrounds or covering topics that affect underrepresented communities.

One thing is certain: no matter what changes come about for WYFF News 4, they will remain dedicated to providing accurate and timely information to their viewers. Their commitment to excellence has kept them at the forefront of local news coverage for decades – and there’s no reason why they won’t continue on this path well into the future.

Where is Carol Clark from WYFF?

Carol Clark was a well-known news anchor at WYFF News 4, an NBC-affiliated television station in Greenville, South Carolina. She had been with the station for more than two decades and was highly respected by her colleagues and viewers alike.

However, Carol left the station in 2018 to pursue other opportunities. While it’s unclear where she currently works or if she is still in broadcasting, her impact on WYFF News 4 cannot be overstated.

During her time at the station, Carol covered major news events such as Hurricane Katrina and interviewed high-profile figures like former President George H.

W. Bush. She also won several awards for her reporting, including multiple Emmy Awards.

Despite no longer being with WYFF News 4, Carol’s contributions to the station will not be forgotten anytime soon. Her professionalism and dedication to journalism set a high standard that current and future journalists at WYFF will strive to uphold.

Who is leaving the WYFF news anchor?

Recently, there has been news that WYFF News 4 will be losing one of its longtime news anchors. The announcement came as a surprise to many viewers who have come to rely on this anchor for their daily dose of news and information.

While the station has not yet revealed who exactly is leaving, rumors are swirling about which anchor it could be. Some speculate that it may be one of the evening anchors, while others believe it could be someone from the morning show.

Whatever the case may be, fans of WYFF News 4 will undoubtedly miss this anchor’s familiar face and trusted reporting. They have become an integral part of the community over the years and their departure will leave a void in many people’s lives.

However, change can also bring growth and opportunity. It remains to be seen who will fill this anchor’s shoes at WYFF News 4. But viewers can rest assured that they will continue to receive high-quality journalism from a team dedicated to bringing them timely and accurate news coverage every day.

Is Nigel Robertson still with WYFF?

Nigel Robertson was a prominent face at WYFF News 4, serving as an anchor for over two decades. However, in August 2019, he announced that he would be leaving the station to pursue other opportunities.

Robertson’s departure left many viewers wondering about his replacement and how the show would continue without him. While it is always difficult to replace a beloved anchor, WYFF has continued to provide quality news coverage with its remaining team members.

Since leaving WYFF, Nigel Robertson has gone on to work as director of communications for Furman University in Greenville. Though he is no longer with the station, his legacy lives on through the dedication and hard work of those who remain at WYFF News 4.

While some may miss seeing Nigel Robertson’s familiar face on their television screens every evening, it is important to remember that change can often lead to new opportunities and growth. And ultimately this could mean even better things for both Nigel Robertson and WYFF News 4 going forward.


WYFF News 4 has taken a big step towards inclusivity and diversity with the launch of its Spanish-language newscast. This move shows that they are committed to serving all members of their community, regardless of language barriers.

The history of WYFF News 4 is rich and storied, filled with dedicated journalists who are passionate about delivering accurate news to their viewers. The addition of a Spanish-language newscast demonstrates that they understand the changing needs of their audience.

We can only hope that this expansion continues in the future as WYFF News 4 remains committed to providing quality journalism for all audiences. We look forward to seeing what other innovative steps they will take next in order to better serve communities across South Carolina and beyond.

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