What To Look For in an Addiction Recovery Center Team

Drug addiction and alcoholism are chronic conditions that can affect the quality of your life. Your addiction may result in damaged relationships, mental health issues, job or income losses, and other health issues. Addiction treatment may be what you need to turn your life around, and if you are in Orlando, there are many rehab centers to choose from. Here is what to look for in an addiction recovery team in an Orlando rehab center:

Qualified Professionals

The best Orlando rehab center will employ staff with training and experience handling addiction issues. An addiction recovery team should have qualified medical and mental health professionals. The medical professionals in a rehab center should oversee detox programs, conduct patient health screenings, and manage medications. They may also help patients manage physical health issues while undergoing residential treatment. 

Some rehabilitation centers have addiction medicine physicians specifically trained and licensed to provide care for addiction and substance-related disorders. These doctors have the skills to diagnose addiction and recommend substance abuse treatments. They can also guide patients through withdrawal. 

Once an addiction medicine physician assesses your condition, they may refer you to a mental health professional. The mental health professionals in a rehab center guide patients through psychotherapy sessions as part of their treatment program. The mental health professionals in an addiction recovery team may have the following titles and certifications:

Counselors and Therapists

Training and qualification requirements for counselors and therapists differ. Both draw on their experience to connect with you and can help you work through psychological issues related to your drug habit. 


Psychologists can diagnose and treat mental health disorders. Your psychologist can help you understand and change your thought patterns and behaviors. This can help promote a mental frame conducive to addiction recovery. 


A psychiatrist has the same function as a psychologist but is also qualified to prescribe medications and monitor patients for side effects. 

Non-judgmental Recovery Partners 

The people in your addiction recovery team should focus on helping rather than judging you. The best addiction recovery partners understand that nobody wishes to get addicted to a substance. They may know how difficult it is to overcome addiction and offer compassionate help. 

You should not feel judged whenever you interact with any members of an addiction recovery team. If you do, find help at a different rehab center. The best addiction workers understand that stigma can affect your recovery and may go out of their way to help you feel understood. 

Organized and Thorough Team Members 

Careful documentation of your treatment and recovery progress can help assess the effectiveness of your addiction recovery program. Your addiction recovery team members should carefully monitor your progress and offer solutions to improve your treatment.  

At no point should you feel neglected by your recovery partners. The best addiction recovery team should have a thorough follow-up process.  

A Continuum of Care 

An addiction recovery center team should have a care system that can allow you to start treatment at the level you need and graduate to less intensive treatment as you improve. There should be a professional at every level providing patients with the care they need. 

You might need to undergo a medical detox at the beginning of your treatment. You may choose to stay at a rehab center during this treatment stage. During residential or inpatient treatment, have a mental health professional and physician specifically assigned to you so it’s easier to monitor your progress. The professionals assigned to you should determine when you are ready for less intensive care. 

Find the Best Orlando Rehab Center 

Addiction recovery can be tough, but you can regain your independence from drugs and substance abuse with the right people. Determining which Orlando rehab center offers the care you need can be tough. If you are at a crossroads, start by evaluating the addiction recovery teams at prospective rehab centers based on the above criteria. What To Look For in an Addiction Recovery Center Team.


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