What To Know About Day1 CPT University Programs Before Applying

Enrolling in a Day1 Curricular Practical Training (CPT) program can boost your professionalism and efficiency at work. Before applying for the Day1 CPT program, understand things like program types and eligibility. Here is more information on what to know about these CPT programs:

Advantages of the Program

Day1 curricular practical training programs allow the students to work while learning. This can enable you to gain job skills and market experience and grow your career as you study. Your opportunities of getting a well-paying job while studying Day1 CPT programs can also increase.

Eligibility Criteria

If you are an international student aspiring to enroll in the program, first get an F1 visa. Keeping your visa in proper condition throughout the CPT program can maintain its validity. Your Day1 curricular practical training must be related to your job responsibility or internship opportunity. Applying for a Master of Business Administration program can be suitable if you work as a sales manager or business consultant. Other eligibility requirements include not being on Filing Fee Status, a high Grade Point Average (GPA), and the ability to balance work and study.

Application Process

Before applying for a Day1 curricular practical training program, submit an offer letter from your employer. An offer letter will help the university verify your employment and ease your CPT course registration process. The next step for the program’s application is getting authorized by your Designated School Official (DSO). Once you complete the application and enroll, renew your Day1 CPT whenever each semester nears the end.

Potential Beneficiaries

You can apply and benefit from this program if you previously failed your Optional Practical Training (OPT) program application. Compared to Day1 curricular practical training programs, OPT programs will only allow you to work after graduating. A Day1 CPT program can also be suitable if you don’t have a job. The program can provide you with study as you look for other job opportunities. Other potential beneficiaries of this program include H1B lottery losers and holders of work permits like H4 EAD.

Day1 CPT Risk Avoidance

Choosing a university accredited by the Council for Higher Education and the U.S. Department for Education can help you avoid future legal issues. Starting a new job after the university approves your CPT can minimize the risk of the program’s cancellation. Complying with your university’s regulations, completing assignments, and attending all classes can prevent your F1 visa cancellation.

Program’s Scholarship Application

Before applying for this program, confirm the types of available university scholarships. Some CPT scholarships include STEM, athletic, academic, or needs-based scholarships. Prepare and submit the needed scholarship materials like ID or passport copies, curriculum vitae, GPA scores, and transcript copies. You can also draft and submit a short essay or make a portfolio showing your awards, certificates, and other achievements.

Apply for Day1 CPT Program Today

A Day1 curricular practical training program can allow you to find a good job and advance your career before graduating. Before applying for the program, know its pros, application process, eligibility requirements, scholarships, and ways to avoid F1 visa cancellation. Register in an accredited U.S. academic institution and start your Day1 CPT program.



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