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What is Energy Audit and Why is it Important?

Energy can be measured but most people are not aware of it and its benefits. It will be great to know the details of your energy consumption so you can take the right measures to conserve or change some things that can maximize your energy usage. Read on guide to energy audit to find out more about it and understand its purpose or it. 

What is an energy audit?

Energy is done n residential or commercial buildings to measure its energy efficiency and is conducted by a registered energy advisor. Complete electricity consumption and energy efficiency assessment will be conducted and a detailed report will be presented to you.

The information you can get can aid you in knowing which part of your energy usage needs to be adjusted and be more aware of the process by which energy is measured and computed. 

What are energy audits and their types?

Preliminary energy audit

This type of audit is mainly a data-gathering exercise and is done by walk-through investigation. Preliminary analysis is offered and the energy auditor utilizes readily available data. The preliminary energy audit is completed by using diagnostic instruments. 

Detailed energy audit

This type of energy audit is more in-depth since the professional energy auditor monitors analyze and verifies energy use to discover the areas that have problems and find it easy to implement improvements. A technical report is made based on the data they have gathered and their findings.

Usage of a sophisticated instrument such as a scanner, flue gas analyzer, and flow meter. With the use of these instruments, they can give an accurate report on the issues and findings that needs to be addressed. 

Who needs an energy audit?

An energy audit can be beneficial if you plan to shift to a better energy source or plan to get additional energy sources to save money or reduce your electricity bills. Since an energy audit can determine the necessary adjustments in your energy consumption you can finally decide if your plans can give you a positive result. 

What are the benefits of an energy audit? 

Reduce Energy Cost 

This benefit alone can be motivating since energy costs never cease to stop, reducing your energy cost can make a big difference. Shifting to renewable energy can reduce or even eliminate your electricity needs, so getting an energy audit can tell if shifting to another source can be beneficial or not. 

Increase Security on Energy Supplies

During an energy audit, they can determine if your energy source is good enough to provide you with the energy your home or property needs for a long time. Since there are several sources of energy they can check if is indeed sustainable or not. They can also check if there are issues that should be addressed to avoid your energy from depleting. 

Discover any unaccounted energy consumption 

Without having an energy audit you will never know about the unaccounted energy consumption you have in your home or facility. This increases your bills and is just put to waste since you don’t usually utilize them. 

Awareness of Energy Conservation 

By knowing the exact issues regarding your energy usage through an energy audit you can get an accurate solution on how to reduce your energy usage and conserve them so you can maximize the energy that you have. Plus knowledge of how energy works can teach you how to use them properly. 

Increase the lifespan of your equipment 

Improve home or commercial facility’s Condition 

An energy audit can determine the issues so the areas that need improvement can be accurately addressed. This can make a big improvement in running your facility for better profit and money-saving since you know how to handle your energy consumption after the audit. 

Increase in a Life span of Equipment

Using renewable energy can give your equipment a longer life since they don’t have to be run by toxic energy sources. Plus determining the energy each piece of equipment really needs can make them last longer. 

An energy audit can help you determine what energy sources can be perfect for your home or commercial facilities. Especially if you plan to shift to another source of energy, having a professional energy auditor conduct their procedure can be a good idea to get accurate details about your energy consumption and data. 

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