Reliable Government Sources to Learn About Arizona Water News

Living in a dry state like Arizona, many people want accurate information about their water conditions. These water users want to learn about policies, utility firms, or acquiring water rights. If you’re curious about Arizona water news, here are some reliable resources.

Arizona Department of Water Resources (ADWR)

ADWR is a great place to start if you want to learn about water news in the state. ADWR manages Arizona’s surface and groundwater resources. It does this through monitoring, data collection, analysis, and modeling. It can provide information on management plans, permits, and related environmental documents. The agency develops strategies to use these resources through awareness and research.

The department oversees all activities related to water conservation and watershed management. Its newsletters contain useful information on various aspects of Arizona’s water resources. ADWR offers information about the Colorado River, its usage, and the dwindling water supply. 

The Premier Source of Arizona Water News

The ADWR website has a wealth of information about conservation, and current water issues. It indicates precipitation, reservoir storage, streamflow, and groundwater levels across the state. The website provides historical data on past water use for each county. It has a section on Arizona water news and events.

The website has updated information on current and future projections for water use. You can find links that can help you access information about Arizona water news and ways you can conserve water. You may even learn how climate change will impact Arizona’s water supply. The ADWR Twitter feed is worth following. You will get up-to-date information about what’s happening in Arizona.

Arizona Department of Environmental Quality

ADEQ is the state agency responsible for protecting public health and the environment. ADEQ’s mission is to protect, preserve, enhance and improve air quality, water quality, and land use. It protects human health, natural resources, and wildlife habitat. The agency does this by implementing sound environmental policy while sustaining economic growth.

The agency promotes public awareness of environmental issues through outreach activities. A reader will get informative publications on its website on environmental protection. You can follow their Twitter feed for current events. You will get information on drought conditions or wildfires.

Federal Agencies

There are several options available for official government websites. The Bureau of Reclamation has plenty of information on water use and management in Arizona. This includes a report titled “Water Conservation in Arizona.” It has tips for saving water at home and usage in different industries. You can check the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) out. NOAA provides information on weather conditions across the country, including in Arizona. This offers information like forecasts and warnings for extreme weather events like tornadoes or hurricanes. NOAA tracks environmental trends such as rising sea levels and other climatic changes. Another federal agency resource is the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). EPA works to protect human health by monitoring water and air quality in cities. It works with local communities to reduce pollution from sources like cars, factories and power plants.

Arizona Corporation Commission

The Arizona Corporation Commission regulates public utilities in the state. The commission provides information about its activities and policies through its website. You can search for information about specific utilities in Arizona. You will learn more about the regulated rates and other utility issues.

Arizona Geological Survey (AZGS)

Another great resource is the Arizona Geological Survey (AZGS). AZGS is part of the University of Arizona. It publishes reports and studies on Arizona’s geology and hydrology. You will learn about water resources, earthquakes, volcanoes, and other geology topics in Arizona. The AZGS website is an excellent place to start when looking for current or historical data on water use. You can get links to reports from previous years on the state’s water supply.

Arizona State University Water Resources Research Center (WRC)

The WRC provides research-based information about water resources in Arizona. It includes updates on water resources throughout the Southwest US. It provides data on groundwater levels and modeling tools. This site has a lot of research on groundwater management, climate change, and its effects on water supply. It also has information on current events such as the California drought and floods in Texas. You can get specific water supply data about Arizona or other states. You can find information about upcoming events where experts speak about sustainable water use in Arizona.

Reliable Information Always

Arizona water news is an important topic to follow. You should understand Arizona’s water supply, as a resident or a business owner. You can find various information online, including government websites and other reliable sources. Stay updated and be a part of the efforts to improve water supply and management in Arizona.

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