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Chicago has a long-standing history of being the birthplace of some of the most influential music genres, and hip-hop is no exception. In fact, the Windy City’s contribution to the genre cannot be understated. However, despite its success in shaping Chicago’s music scene, hip-hop has been deeply affected by recent events that have left a void in its community. The tragic passing of Pam Zechman Larry Sherman and what it means for hip-hop is something that must not go unnoticed. In this blog post, we’ll delve into their legacy with Trax Records and explore how they helped shape Chicago’s music culture forever.

Pam Zechman Larry Sherman Trax Records Channel 2 News Chicago

Pam Zechman and Larry Sherman were two names that many in the Chicago music industry knew well. They are best known for their contributions to Trax Records, which was founded by Sherman in 1984 and became one of the most influential labels in house music.

Trax Records played a critical role in shaping Chicago’s music scene, especially during the ’80s when house music was still emerging. The label released tracks from artists such as Frankie Knuckles, Marshall Jefferson, and Derrick May.

Aside from his work with Trax Records, Larry Sherman also served as an investigative reporter on Channel 2 News Chicago. He covered numerous high-profile cases throughout his career and won multiple awards for his journalism.

Unfortunately, both Pam Zechman and Larry Sherman passed away recently within weeks of each other. Their deaths have left a significant void not only in their families but also among those who knew them professionally.

Their legacy will undoubtedly continue to inspire future generations of musicians and journalists alike. We can only hope that they will be remembered for their immense contributions to Chicago’s culture scene forevermore.

Chicago’s Hip-Hop History

Chicago’s Hip-Hop history is a rich and diverse tapestry that spans decades. The Windy City has produced some of the most influential artists in the genre, including Common, Kanye West, Twista, and Lupe Fiasco. These artists have all left their mark on the culture with their unique sounds and styles.

In addition to producing successful rappers, Chicago also played host to some of the most legendary hip-hop venues in history. The Wild 100s was home to clubs like The Rink and Club Sensations where early battles between local MCs took place.

But perhaps one of the most significant contributions Chicago made to hip-hop was through its house music scene. House emerged from Chicago’s underground club culture in the early 80s and soon became a dominant force in dance music worldwide.

Chicago’s Hip-Hop history is a vibrant mosaic that reflects both individual creativity as well as broader cultural trends. It continues to influence new generations of artists who strive to express themselves authentically while building on what came before them.

The Death of Pam Zechman Larry Sherman and What It Means for Hip-Hop

Pam Zechman and Larry Sherman were instrumental figures in the development of Chicago’s music scene, particularly in the rise of hip-hop during the 1980s. However, their untimely deaths have left a significant impact on the community they helped shape.

Zechman was a veteran investigative reporter for Channel 2 News Chicago who helped expose corruption within the music industry. Meanwhile, Sherman was the founder of Trax Records – a record label that launched numerous careers within Chicago’s house and techno scenes.

Their contributions to hip-hop extended beyond just their respective fields. Together, they lent credibility to an emerging genre that had struggled to gain mainstream acceptance at first. Their work paved the way for future artists and creatives alike.

Despite being gone too soon, Zechman and Sherman continue to inspire those who follow in their footsteps. Their legacy serves as a reminder of how powerful individuals can be when they dedicate themselves towards shaping culture through artistry or journalism alike.

The Legacy of Trax Records and How it Shaped Chicago’s Music Scene

Trax Records was more than just a record label. It was an institution that helped to shape the music scene in Chicago and beyond. Founded by Larry Sherman, Trax Records released some of the most iconic tracks in house and techno history.

One of the reasons why Trax Records became so influential is because it gave a platform to artists who were often overlooked by mainstream labels. Many of these artists went on to become legends, such as Frankie Knuckles, Marshall Jefferson, and Adonis.

Trax Records also played an important role in promoting diversity within Chicago’s music scene. The label brought together musicians from different backgrounds and communities to create something truly unique and groundbreaking.

Perhaps most importantly, Trax Records helped to establish house music as a global phenomenon. Its releases reached audiences all over the world, introducing people from different cultures to this new sound that had emerged out of Chicago’s underground club scene.

The legacy of Trax Records is one that will continue for generations to come. Its impact on both local and global music scenes cannot be overstated, and its contributions have paved the way for countless other labels and artists who followed in its footsteps.


The contributions of Pam Zechman, Larry Sherman, and Trax Records to Chicago’s hip-hop scene are immeasurable. The passing of these legends is a great loss not only to their families but also to the music industry. Their legacies will continue to influence new generations of artists for years to come.

Trax Records’ impact on Chicago’s music scene paved the way for future musicians in various genres. Their innovative approach influenced an array of artists worldwide; it created opportunities that would not have existed otherwise.

We must honor them by acknowledging their achievements and preserving their legacy. It is crucial that we never forget the people who came before us and set the stage for our success.

It is up to us as fans, creators, journalists, and historians alike to ensure that Pam Zechman Larry Sherman Trax Records Channel 2 News Chicago remain an integral part of history while continuing their work into future generations.

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