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Is Solar Pool Heating Worth it in NOLA?

Swimming can be a good way to stay fit, however, there are seasons when the weather is cold and it can be discouraging to take a deep. Solar pool heating in NOLA can give a solution to this concern, by having a pool heater you can enjoy your pool all year round. Invest in solar pool heating and maximized your pool for whatever purpose you desire. 

Can you add solar heating to an existing pool?

Yes, it is possible however you have to choose the right heater for your pool. Ones that can match your solar heating system, you can ask your solar providers for the best options since they are also knowledgeable about it. 

Can your existing solar panels heat your pool?

That depends on several factors since the right elements are necessary to make your solar heater work properly. 

Factors that affect solar pool heater’s performance 

Number of solar panels

The number of solar panels should be enough to heat u your whole pool when choosing fr a solar provider make sure to talk to experts and ones that can estimate the need for your pools so you can get the right number of panels and the right solar panel system. 


Check your location in New Orleans if you are listed in the area that has high solar efficiency so you can maximize your solar panels once you have them. Your solar providers have maps of the areas that are perfect for solar energy collection and they can pinpoint if your location is included in the list.

Size of your Pool 

The size of your pool should be measured properly t be able to get a close estimation of how many panels are needed and what components are needed to be added to your solar panel system. Bigger pool more solar panels, so are ready with your budget so you can get the proper solar panel that can heat your pool despite the climate and condition you have in your area. 

How big of a solar panel Do you need to heat a pool?

First, you have to get the surface area of your pool by multiplying the width and the length, then your solar provider can use some charts and determine how many panels are needed. They would also recommend you invest in enough solar panels that can heat your pool 100%.

How do solar panels work to heat a pool?

The solar panel for pools consists of solar collectors, control valves, filters, flow control valves, and a pump. The solar collectors consist of solar panels that are responsible for collecting energy from the sun. The pump is responsible for bringing the water from the pool to the solar collector to be heated up and then back to the pool again.

The filter acts to remove particles before bringing back the water to the pool to make sure that the water released to the pool is clean. A flow control valve is also present to control the flow of water through the solar collectors. The solar heater functions are simple but have complicated parts that make the process possible.  

Advantages of having a solar heater system in New Orleans

Environmental Friendly 

When using solar energy you can still get the satisfaction you want from your pool and yet not feel guilty about contributing greenhouse gases to your surroundings. Solar energy doesn’t leave a carbon footprint when used. 

Low maintenance 

As long as you take care of your solar heater systems and have them regularly checked then you are safe from getting high-cost repairs. Regular inspection can determine if your solar heater needs some fixing or not. For the period that you can use your solar heater, there will only be a few repairs. 

Good Investment 

The upfront cost may cost you a huge amount of money but it can also give you the benefits for 25 years since that is the span of time solar panels can last. The savings you can get from not using electricity to heating your pool can be able to pay off the money you invested for your solar heater. 

NOLA is indeed a good place to invest in a solar heater, you can enjoy your pool in any season without having to spend much on its operation and maintenance. 

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