Inside The ShackledCraft Store: A Geeky Newborn Brand

The ShackledCraft Store is a new store that opened on Kickstarter, with a vision to bridge the geek and fashion worlds. With unique clothes for every taste and need, cool gadgets, art prints, and more, you’ll be able to find everything you want in one place!

What is the ShackledCraft Store?

The ShackledCraft Store is a geeky newborn brand that sells unique and interesting items for newborns and babies. Our products are made of high-quality materials and are designed to be safe, fun, and stimulating for little ones. We believe that every child is unique and should be given the opportunity to explore their interests in a safe and creative setting. Our goal is to provide products that will help make your little one’s life easier and more fun!

Who are the founders of the Shackledcraft store?

The founders of the ShackledCraft store are a husband and wife team, along with their two young children. They met while working in a hardware store and decided to start their own business after seeing how much joy it brought to their customers.

What is the ShackledCraft store all about?

The ShackledCraft store specializes in geeky newborn clothing and accessories. They offer clothing, bodysuits, hats, blankets, and more that are perfect for babies and toddlers. The store also sells Geek Babies products, which are unique items designed specifically for babies and toddlers.

What sets the ShackledCraft store apart from other baby stores?

The ShackledCraft store focuses on geeky items and accessories that are not commonly found in other baby stores. This makes the store a great place to find unique clothing and accessories for your little one. The staff at the shackledcraft store is also friendly and helpful, ensuring that you can find everything you need when shopping at their store.

Why should I shop at the ShackledCraft store?

The ShackledCraft store offers top-quality clothing and accessories that are perfect for babies and toddlers. Their focus on geeky items makes them a unique choice when it comes

How does their service work?

The ShackledCraft Store is a new geeky newborn brand that specializes in personalized baby clothes and accessories. They offer a unique service where you can choose the fabric, color, and style of your clothing and accessories. You can also choose to have them made with customizations such as a monogram or a special message. The service is available online and in-store.

Pros and Cons of contacting the shackledcraft store

Pros of contacting the shackledcraft store:

  • The store is new and has a lot of potential.
  • The store is run by a passionate entrepreneur.
  • The store carries a variety of geeky newborn products.
  • The store offers free shipping on orders over $50.
  • The store offers free returns for 90 days.
  • The store has good customer service.
  • The store has a good range of products.
  • The store is open 24/7.

Cons of contacting the shackledcraft store:

There is no website or social media presence yet, which makes it hard to find information about the store or contact the owner.

It’s not clear how much the products in the store cost, or how much shipping costs if an order exceeds $50.

Expected results of contacting the shackledcraft store

If you were to contact the shackledcraft store, you may expect the following results:

  • A reply from the store owner outlining their policies and what they are willing to do to help you
  • An explanation of their products and how they can help you meet your needs as a geeky newborn
  • A suggestion of other geeky newborn brands that may be of interest to you

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