How to Program your Cox Remote? Explained


We all live in era where technology has evolved so much, past a decade no one knew that a TV would be controlled by your voice. Now it is possible and there are many service providers in the market with such facilities.
If we talk about the best, I would surely say Cox TV and the award-winning voice controlled remote is one of the best options you can come across.
Now since you opt for Cox TV and remote, your most asked question is, how to connect your Cox TV Remote to your TV. Don’t worry because in this guide I will explain each and everything in detail.

Know your model

In order to connect and sync your remote with your TV, you need to find your model number first, then you may type your model number then you can easily connect. If you have kept the necessary information that came with your remote, you need to check that and then connect.

Connect your Cox Contour remote to TV

Some of the easy steps to make your life easier.
First, you need to turn on your TV for setup
Hold the TV key for a few seconds and then release.
You need to find the brand of your TV, you can find that on online or in paperwork.
You will need to press the mute/unmute button and Select button at the same time for few seconds and wait for the TV lights to blink twice. Release both the keys, when you see the lights blinking.

Now you need to enter the code of your TV brand.

After entering the code, you need to press the power button in order to check.
After pressing the power button, if the TV turns off, it means you have entered the correct code and that code will be saved.
If the TV doesn’t turn off, it means that you have entered the wrong code, what you can do is try other codes multiple times and then your remote would be connected and if you still get unsuccessful results, contact the customer support or find something relevant on internet.

Connect your Cox Contour remote to device

You need to follow these steps to connect your remote to any device.
You will need to switch on that particular device, obviously (duh).
Press and then release the button available on the device you want to connect with.
You will need to find your device and brand on online or in paperwork.
You then need to press the mute/unmute button and select button simultaneously on the device and wait for the lights to blink twice.
Once you see the lights blinking, release both the keys.
Now you need to enter the code of your brand.
Same procedure of testing with the power would get repeated, if your device gets turned off, it means that you have entered the correct code and the code will be saved permenantly.
If your device doesn’t turn off, you will need to repeat the same procedure in order to crack the perfect code.

How can we connect Cox Contour 2 Voice Controlled Remote to a TV?

Not a big deal, just follow these steps and you’re good to go.
After you’re done with setting up your TV and Contour receiver, you can activate your voice remote thing.
The most basic and obvious thing would be to insert the batteries in the remote.
Then you would have to wait for the light to blink multiple times.
After blinking, your Voice controlled remote would be ready to use.


My final verdict would be an advice to you as a user, invest in what can profit you. Cox is one of those broadband networks who always try to provide value for money and undoubtedly Cox is currently leading the chart. You can make a wise choice!

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the most frequently asked questions.
Will Cox charge me for remote replacement?
Yes, usually Cox charge around $20 for remote replacement but in some special case, if you are eligible for free remote, then Cox would provide you a free remote.
Why is my Cox Remote not working?
There might be any reason for your remote not to work, like broken remote or any part, or using with dead cells, can be anything.

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