How To Choose the Right Caterer for Your Corporate Event

Planning a corporate function requires a dedicated catering facility to satisfy your clients, as the food and service help set the tone for the event. Hiring an experienced corporate caterer elevates the event with delicious dishes, attentive staff, and seamless coordination. With so much reliance on catering, evaluate options to choose a suitable caterer for your next corporate gathering. Here are several details to consider when choosing the right caterer for your corporate catering event:

Research Caterers in Your Area

The first step is compiling a list of nearby caterers offering corporate event services. Search online directories and wedding websites that have vendor listings. Ask other local businesses for referrals to caterers they have used successfully. Make a list of caterers to further research and potentially contact.

Verify Experience With Corporate Catering

Catering a corporate function differs from catering a wedding or private party. You want to find caterers experienced with corporate events. Check catering company websites and brochures for a portfolio of corporate clients. Ask how long they have been catering business events. Expertise in catering corporate functions can help make your event a success.

Review Menus and Options

Corporate catering event menus should offer balanced meals to suit diverse preferences. Look for options like chicken, fish, vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free dishes. Hors d’oeuvres and appetizers should also provide choices. If your corporate event has a theme, look for caterers with menu options that coordinate or can be customized to fit. Discuss menu possibilities with potential caterers to start imagining your event’s menu.

Compare Pricing

Cost can be a factor when planning catered corporate events. Know your budget parameters and discuss pricing options with prospective caterers. Ask about what is included in the package, such as food, service staff, linens, flatware, and decor. Compare menu options at various price points to maximize value.

Schedule Tastings

Before signing a contract, schedule tastings to sample potential caterers’ food. Tastings allow you to experience the quality and flavor. Give feedback during tastings to see how receptive caterers are to requests. You can use tastings to help you visualize the full menu for your corporate event.

Look For Certified Food Handling

Food safety is a high priority at corporate events. Your caterer should hold proper food handling certifications for your location. Valid licenses show a commitment to following food safety protocols during transporting, prepping, and serving. This helps protect your guests and your company’s reputation.

Find Out How Leftovers Are Handled

Despite careful planning, corporate events often yield leftovers. Understanding a caterer’s protocols for handling excess food can minimize waste. Some donate the untouched leftovers, offer discounts for the client to take the food, or pack meals for the staff to eat at home. Discuss leftover options upfront.

Hire a Reliable Corporate Caterer Today

Corporate catering presents numerous moving parts to coordinate. Choosing the ideal caterer provides delicious dining and seamless service to impress your guests. It also allows guests to network and conduct business while your caterer handles all the cooking and cleanup. Find a skilled caterer to serve at your next corporate gathering so that you can enjoy your company’s special event.


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