How Illegal Is Lane-Splitting?

Splitting lanes is a controversial move for motorcyclists. Furthermore, much of the United States opposes it. While lane splitting has potential disadvantages, some bikers believe it is a safe and effective approach to handling traffic jams. Splitting lanes when driving a motorbike increases the risk of significant collisions with severe injuries.

A knowledgeable Glens Falls personal injury lawyer is necessary if you were involved in a lane-splitting accident. Your legal rights and the possibility of your claim for compensation for accident-related losses can both be explained by your lawyer.

How illegal is lane-splitting?

When a motorcyclist travels through two lanes of traffic moving in the same route, sometimes over broken lines, this is often referred to as “lane-splitting,” also known as “white-lining” or “stripe-riding.”

Most of the time, motorbike riders lane-split in rush hour to avoid slowing down or causing further delay. Some bikers also shift lanes to get through a signal in front of stopped traffic. Lane splitting is a common practice throughout the world. Only California’s rules, in particular, permit lane splitting in the United States. In other places, the practice is prohibited by state law or not even mentioned.

A similar activity known as “lane-filtering” is forbidden in most states. When a motorbike rider ‘filters’ or goes between lanes of traffic to get to the head of a lineup of stalled or slowly moving vehicles, such as automobiles stopped at a red light, this is called lane-filtering. For the exact reason they lane-split, motorbike riders often choose to lane filter when they see red lights: It lessens the possibility that other cars may hit them from the rear.

Is lane splitting dangerous or safe?

Lane splitting is a controversial tactic but has several advantages when done correctly. When other cars are clogging up roadways and slowing down traffic, lane-splitting lets motorcyclists go faster and reduce congestion. Additionally, many riders believe that lane splitting makes their rides safer.

Who Is Accountable for Lane-Splitting Accidents?

Drivers of other vehicles are frequently responsible for lane-splitting collisions because they fail to notice anything coming between them and the cars in the lane next to them. Because lane splitting is unexpected and drivers have little room to maneuver, catastrophic incidents can happen in a split second.

It might be challenging to decide who should be responsible for the damages from an accident when a motorbike rider is lane-splitting.

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