Factors that Can Drag Out a Car Accident Case and Settlement in Atlanta

If you have been Injured in a car accident, you need to work with a reliable attorney who can help fight for the compensation you deserve. Your attorney can provide you with an accurate estimate of the amount of time it takes a car accident settlement process might take. Although your attorney cannot tell how much time it can take your claim to reach a settlement, they can highlight some factors that drag out settlement negotiations. These factors include the following:

The Value of Your Claim

Insurance companies will always look for ways to save money when handling claims. they want to settle claims for as little money as possible. This is the reason your claim must be calculated accurately. You may be eligible for economic, non-economic, or punitive damages, depending on your case. 

Generally, if you sustained severe injuries and want to bring a big financial claim, the insurer will try to delay your case. Calculating significant damages is a tough process. Usually, it depends on expert testimony and extensive medical records. Also, subjective assessments of your pain, suffering, and emotional trauma will influence your damages. 

Clarity of Fault

Nearly all car accident cases revolve around negligence. Every road user has a duty of care to those they share the road with. When a driver fails to exercise reasonable care and they cause an accident, they can be held liable for the damages of the injured party. 

However, fault for a crash is not always clear. Without a dependable witness, fault should be determined according to an analysis of physical evidence such as road debris, skid marks, car damage, surveillance footage, and GPS data. Moreover, additional parties may also be to blame for the crash. For instance, a car part manufacturer may share liability if the accident resulted from a malfunctioning car part. 

When You Reach Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI)

A lot of car accident victims negotiate a settlement before they reach maximum medical improvement. MMI means your doctor thinks you have reached maximum recovery or that your condition would not improve further. 

The recovery process for every injury is different. In some instances, doctors expect a patient’s symptoms to disappear within two to three months; however, they do not. Other times, crash-related injuries may not show symptoms immediately after an accident and gradually show up. 

When you settle your claim too early, you might not still be aware of your future medical needs or when you can go back to work. Pushy insurers will try to make a quick settlement offer, hoping you will fall for it. You have to wait until you reach MMI before you accept a settlement. 

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