Best Windstream Deals in 2024


What every user requires is a good internet service provider and when it comes to providing reliable and good speed internet, Windstream Internet is here to save your day.
Windstream is one of the largest and one of the fastest internet service providers in the United States. Windstream gained its popularity by offering crazy speedy packages for the consumers and that too in affordable rates.
Kinetic by Windstream currently offers two modes of Internet i.e. DSL and Fiber. DSL service by Windstream is one of the finest services when compared to its competitors because it produces up to 100mbps of download speed, which obviously is quite good enough for a normal user. But when we talk about Fiber Internet by Windstream, undoubtedly it is still the talk of the town as it starts with 500mbps and goes up to 8gb per second, which is quite impressive.
In this article, I will show you some amazing Windstream Deals to go for in 2023. Let’s start.

Windstream Internet – Plans & Pricing

Windstream offers 5 amazing tiers for the users so that they can pick what suits their house.

Kinetic Internet – DSL (Basic)

This plan is the most conventional plan introduced by Windstream. The package is for the users who are normal users and designed for areas where fiber is not being operated. If you’re planning to watch any movie in HD, then very sorry to inform you, but it only offers 100mbps, you will have troubles as the plan would not support such high resolution. All you can get in $39.99 per month only.

Kinetic Internet – Fiber

This is the first fiber plan announced by Windstream. The package would be perfect for those who want movies in a go or for someone who because it offers a crazy 500mb per second. If you want a fiber connection with good price, I believe you should definitely look for this package as it comes with the same price as the DSL one, $39.99 p/m.

Best Windstream Deals in 2024
Best Windstream Deals in 2024

Kinetic Internet – Gig

If you feel like 500mb was not good enough for you and want to connect more devices, then you should not be worried at all because Windstream offers 1gb per second where you as a user will be allowed to enhance your ultimate gaming experience with almost no lags. You can watch movies and can download whatever you want to because Windstream has no data caps policy so enjoy 1 gig in just $69.99 per month only.

Kinetic Internet – 2Gig

To have more fun and smooth gaming, you would definitely love this package as it comes with flashy 2gb per second so if you are a person who loves watching web series or even if you are working from home or if you are a trader who needs bandwidth, you should add this in your cart if it is available in your area.

Kinetic Internet – 8Gig

I don’t think it will be wrong to say that this is the most talked package in the town. The most premium tier “8Gig” by Windstream comes with ultra-fast 8gb per second where everything will seem possible. If you are lucky enough to have this plan in your area, you should definitely go for that as it literally has no boundaries.

Planning to buy already? Wait I’ll show you some amazing features that comes along.

Some other perks that Windstream users have

No Data Caps

Windstream has always believed in no data caps policy. For example, you can download whatever you want because unlike others, Windstream has unlimited downloads.

30 days money back

Let’s suppose, you install a new connection and then you are not liking it, what will you do? In Windstream, you can have a surety that your hard earned money will be safe with the provider.

Kinetic Visa Card

If you are a new user, you can get a $100 Kinetic Visa Prepaid Card, which obviously proves that why Windstream is user’s favorites.


If you want your house to have a safe and reliable connection, then my final verdict would be Windstream Internet. Windstream has always provided value to your money. Choose Windstream if you want your future with a good and reliable internet connection. Think wisely!

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