Benefits of Using Car Storage for Your Car

Keeping your car safe and protected should be a top priority. Putting your car into storage is an
excellent way to secure your vehicle. Here are a few of the benefits of storage for cars:

Store Your Car While Traveling

Rather than leaving your car unattended in your driveway or on the street while traveling, protect
it in a storage facility. Theft and weather damage can be causes of car loss when owners travel.
Putting your car into storage removes these risks. Specialized storage units allow you to lock
your vehicle safely indoors. Full-time security monitoring and controlled access provide an extra
layer of protection. This added security can help so that your car is safe while you’re away.

Protect Your Car During Life Changes

Major life changes often require adjustments. Selling your home, marriage, divorce, or adding to
your family can all impact your car storage needs. A storage unit gives you flexibility when life
gets complicated. Storing your extra vehicle in a safe location lets you take time to decide your
next steps. Specialized storage for cars allows you to store and access your vehicle as needed.
This makes storage an ideal solution during transitional times.

Optimize Seasonal Storage for Cars

Storing your convertible or motorcycle when not in use can help keep them in peak condition.
Storage protects against damage from the elements, pests, and fluctuating humidity levels. A
climate-controlled unit keeps your car from getting too hot in summer or too cold in winter. You
can also avoid dead batteries, dried-out hoses, and flat spots on the tires with indoor storage.
When you take it out of storage, your seasonal vehicle will be ready to drive.

Protect Against Natural Disasters

Inclement weather like hurricanes, tornados, or flooding can damage or destroy your unprotected
vehicle. Disasters can hit with little warning, leaving you scrambling to safeguard your vehicles.
Storing your vehicle at all times can help you avoid inclement weather and provide you with a
secure location. Specialized car storage units are engineered to withstand extreme weather.
Surveillance systems provide constant monitoring.

Prevent Rodent Damage

Rodents like squirrels, rats, and mice can wreak havoc on your stored vehicle. They love to chew
through insulation, electrical wiring, and upholstery. The costs to repair rodent damage can be
huge. Outdoor parking leaves your car vulnerable to pests. Indoor storage units help keep critters
out and protect your investment.

Avoid UV Damage

The sun’s ultraviolet rays can cause paint to fade and leather interiors to dry out or crack. This
damage is cumulative over time and reduces your car’s value. Parking in a garage prevents some
sun exposure. Specialized storage units are fully enclosed indoor spaces. This blocks UV light
from reaching your car. Storing your vehicle can help preserve its appearance and upholstery.

Simplify Access

Regularly driving your stored car helps keep all systems working optimally. Selecting a storage
facility with drive-up access simplifies getting to your vehicle. Climate-controlled drive-up units
allow you to easily check on your vehicle or take it for a ride. Hassle-free access makes storing
your car more convenient.

Secure Your Car in Storage Today

The right indoor car storage facility can deliver robust security, protection, and convenience.
Facilities designed specifically to store vehicles make accessing your car hassle-free. Protect
your prized possession and safeguard its value with professional storage. Find a reliable storage
unit that fits your needs today.

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