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The Best Online Casino Bonus Offers

Bonuses are the honey of online casinos. These gifts of bonus money or Free Spins make all the difference with land-based casinos. Discover in this guide the different bonuses you can receive and the sites that offer the best online casino bonuses.

An Online Casino With Bonuses

The competition has become increasingly fierce between online casinos present in the iGaming market. Some struggle to attract new customers while others manage to convince them with such ease. Their secret? Well-crafted and advantageous casino bonus offers for players.

Obviously, casino bonuses really took off during this decade. So much so that gambling enthusiasts select their favorite gambling sites according to this precise detail.

As a result, virtual casinos compete in ingenuity on this subject in order to attract new players. The more attractive online casino bonuses are, the more gambling enthusiasts flock. And we must admit that the system works wonderfully.
To benefit from these privileges, interested parties must nevertheless complete the subscription procedures.

In principle, this allows players to enjoy cash prizes for longer play and other promotions. Decisive proposals that can work in favor of gaming platforms or against them.

Naturally, this dilemma does not exist in land-based casinos. Because, only online casinos provide such bonuses in order to promote their products.

Why Do Casinos Offer Bonuses?

Skeptics will say that there is eel under rock. However, casino bonuses are simply marketing tools.

Everyone loves sales and this, the operators have understood. Reason why the best online casinos flood their page with a multitude of promotions.

Casino bonuses are also a great way to retain players. Who wouldn’t like to receive gifts from time to time? Who would turn their back on a means that allows you to play longer and in the process increase the chances of winning at the casino?

Few people resist such offers. The circle is therefore complete and everyone finds their part. Players use bonuses to enhance their experience while online casinos pique their interest.

You will no doubt understand that the more players there are, the more the popularity of the online casino site increases. It’s a virtuous circle.

Now, to stand out, casinos must vary the pleasures and offer advantageous online casino bonus conditions.

Different Types of Casino Bonuses

Welcome Bonus

The welcome bonus is the flagship offer of online casinos. It consists of rewarding all new players making a first deposit into their player account, so it only applies to the first deposit. The amount of the welcome bonus varies from one casino to another. This rate can range from 50 to 500%.

Thus, a player who has paid a sum of 200 euros into his account will receive double, or 400 euros, if the casino grants him a 100% bonus. In some casinos, it may happen that players continue to receive welcome bonuses on the second and third deposit.

When you register at the casino, find out if you ever need to enter a particular promotional code in order to take advantage of the welcome bonus of the casino in question.

It is important to note that in the event that you take advantage of a welcome bonus, you will not be able to withdraw this money directly, you will have to play this money a certain number of times. This is the reason why some players prefer not to take advantage of these bonuses, for this you just need to contact customer support.

Loyalty Bonuses

To increase your background in online casino games, betting and winning are not necessarily the only means. Indeed, it is possible to add a few euros to its fund by earning bonuses. And to attract the most members, the sites have implemented several kinds of bonuses, so that from the moment of your membership, your online casino experience is extended to the maximum. 

For beginners and new members, the easiest bonuses to get are welcome bonuses and special offers. The oldest on the site can claim loyalty bonuses.

The loyalty program has always existed on casino gaming sites and rewards the most active players. This program in general does not take into account the number of wins or losses or the amount wagered, lost or won. 

This program, on the other hand, can be broken down into several bonuses, depending on the site. Some sites reward their player’s loyalty per month, others per year, and some even per hour spent on their site. Bonuses can climb from 10 to 1000% of your fund, depending on your seniority.

The Loyalty Program is a great way for sites to reward their oldest players, but it’s also a way for players to see their bankroll grow by just playing. And make no mistake, a loyalty bonus can be won after only a week of play at certain sites. 

With others, your hours connected to play are also taken into account and in just a few days, you can receive a bonus. Finally, this program exists in all online casino gaming sites and often never requires a minimum deposit.

Referral Bonus

The majority of online casino gaming sites offer bonuses for their members to increase their winnings, but above all to extend their experience on their platform. Various kinds of earnings exist, including the sponsorship bonus. This bonus consists of recommending friends or acquaintances to join the casino game site and play. 

Thanks to this method, not only the sponsor or the one who invited receives a bonus directly paid on his game fund, but also, he can play with his knowledge. This system is therefore a win-win for both the site and the players.

The conditions to become a sponsor are easy to follow and possible from the first day of play on the site. In general, there is no minimum fund required to be a sponsor and no minimum activity hours required. You just need to be a member. 

Then, at the level of the people to be sponsored, the number of godchildren is often limited so that the sponsors do not make a real search for gain. In general, the number of referrals is limited between 10 to 30 per week depending on the site. Then, the godson must absolutely have registered and have put a fund, before the godfather receives his bonus.

Finally, the godson can also receive a special welcome bonus, if he knew the site by a godfather. Indeed, gambling sites offer bonuses not only to sponsors, but also to their godson. For some sites, this bonus varies between 25% to 500% of the player’s first bet. 

This bonus in addition to the many welcome gifts. By being sponsored too, the godchild can immediately have access to senior games, often reserved for veterans of the site. Indeed, his sponsor can invite him and register him at several tables to which he already has access.

No Deposit Bonus

The no deposit bonus is defined as the money that a casino offers to a player without the latter having made any payment in his player account. It is therefore a kind of gratuity to reward him for having registered, or quite simply to retain him. The no deposit bonus is usually visible in the “Promotions” section of an online casino.

But before getting such a bonus, the player must first create a user account in real mode without depositing any amount and enter a bonus code. This type of bonus varies from one casino to another. Some casinos offer no deposit bonuses to their members in order to reward them and retain them.

Nowadays, more and more online casinos are offering no deposit bonuses to their members. This is indeed the best way for a player to get started in an online casino game, without immediately putting his money into play. This option therefore allows him to familiarize himself with the games displayed and to try them for free. After this stage, the player is entitled to leave the site if he considers that the experience was not conclusive, before moving on to another that offers the same services. For casino operators, such options are an effective tool for convincing potential members of the quality of their services.

Of course the player cannot withdraw the money offered by the casino immediately, he will have to wager this bonus a certain number of times before being able to make a withdrawal.

The Different Kinds of No Deposit Bonuses In a Casino

In the online gaming industry, there are generally two types of no deposit bonus: the no deposit bonus with a fixed amount and the no deposit bonus with a large sum, but limited in time. In the first case, the player receives a well-defined amount to test the games offered by an online casino, without time and duration limits. 

Here, it is up to the player to carefully manage his bankroll in order to try as many games as possible. Note that it is also the most used bonus in online casinos, subject to certain conditions to be met. This is probably due to its ease of use.

The no deposit bonus with a large sum, but limited in time, grants many bonuses to be used within a given time. It is generally a short interval during which the bettor goes to discover the site and the most popular games. This type of bonus is rarely offered by casinos although it is very advantageous for players.

Tips For Taking Advantage Of a No Deposit Casino Bonus

To be able to experience the majority of the games offered by a site, the player must learn how to properly administer the no deposit bonus made available to him. To do this, he must first consult the kind of no deposit bonus allocated by the online casino. 

Then, he must bet small amounts to indulge in the greatest number of games. He can possibly compare with other sites to know which is the most generous. And finally, remember to use the “Chat” option to test the professionalism and welcome of its customer support.

Bonus on Payment Method

Payment method bonuses vary depending on the selected payment method. Thus, in some casinos, by making a deposit via NETeller or Skrill, the player could benefit from a significant bonus. This is for example a discount of 10 to 15%. Finally, it should be noted that these payment methods are fast and perfectly secure.

Bonus Terms

Bonuses are important parameters in online casino games. However, whenever you receive a bonus on any site, first find out about the conditions of this bonus. As essential information, for example, you can see if the bonus you received can be cashed out or if it is exclusively reserved for bets. The bonuses thus vary according to the sites, but also the type of bonus. 

If for example the welcome bonuses apply to all members, the loyalty bonuses are only reserved for active and former members. Last but not least, there are bonuses that can be won several times, such as free spin bonuses, but there are also bonuses that can only be won once, for a player, a computer, a household, such as bonuses welcome.

Other sites do not implement this condition but require the bonus amount to be wagered 60 times before being able to withdraw it.

Many diiferent conditions exist depending on the bonus, for example, when you get free spins, many sites limit the use of these free spins on certain specific slot machines.

There are also bonuses of other kinds, with each sponsorship or in terms of loyalty. Its bonuses are very simple to have and also allow you to play more since your player account can be multiplied. Bonuses are therefore an excellent way to bet more and why not win more. 

Depending on your  case too , different types of bonuses exist on the sites so that everyone can enjoy a casino game without necessarily betting their money. Of course, the bonuses are exclusively reserved for members of an online casino club, but you will see that the conditions are easy to fulfill and completely free.

First of all, it is important to know that bonuses must strictly be used to bet or increase your player capital. Then to always be up to date on bonuses, the big online casino sites often inform you by e-mail, SMS or notifications of special bonuses, if you are eligible. 

Check your email account for offer details, as often these bonuses are only valid for a specific period. To ensure you receive bonuses and special offers, make sure your account is set up to receive emails and text messages from our casino. Only the recipient of such email, SMS or notification is eligible for the bonus in question. 

A bonus can also be canceled at any time. In general, the bonus is a real balance in its own right, which stands out very well from the player account. It is important to know that bonuses are often granted to the most active people on the gaming platform. Thus, the gaming platform can withdraw a granted bonus at any time if the player does not use it or becomes inactive for several weeks. . A bonus cannot be shared, it only belongs to a single account, for a single computer, a single person, in short, a single identity.

Finally, the bonuses have a maximum threshold, therefore, they are not cumulative,  arrived  at a certain amount of bonus (about 10% of your player account), it is imperative to play a bonus to be able to receive others.

Free Spins

The Free Spin bonus or free spin applies exclusively to slot machines in online casino gaming sites. Anyone can qualify for this bonus, with no minimum deposit requirement or minimum spins required. In addition, this type of bonus can be won on games other than the slot machine. 

A member can therefore play poker or even blackjack and win free spins on slot machines in addition to cash winnings. This free spin can also be accumulated on certain sites to increase your chances once you arrive on the machine.

The Free Spin bonus can be won in several ways. For example, there are special promo codes that you can find online. On some sites, if you bet on the slot machine for 2 or more spins and you haven’t made triple, you are given a free trial. 

As there are several types of online slot machines, to promote a new machine for example, a free spin is often given to all members. Finally, the free spin bonus can be a loyalty, welcome or referral reward.

Receive an Online Casino Bonus

Nothing is more exciting than receiving a casino bonus. And nothing is easier than receiving a bonus at an online casino.

In general, you benefit from a casino bonus as soon as you have finalized your registration. It can be a no deposit bonus or a bonus on deposit.

No deposit bonuses are the most coveted because they are basically free. The bonus is credited to your casino account without you having to deposit any money. You have several ways to receive this type of bonus: on your birthday or by referring a friend to an online casino.

For deposit bonuses, the situation is quite different. To get the bonus, you must first make a deposit. Welcome packages and Happy Hour offers are often deposit bonuses. They remain just as advantageous since you benefit from 10, 30, 50 or even 100% of your deposit.

In general, online casino bonuses are automatically transferred to your player account. Otherwise, you can very well claim it from customer service.

What About Casino Bonus Conditions?

Wagering, wager or even playthrough conditions are generally attached to any bonus. This is a very common practice in online casinos, except that some are easier to follow than others. Broadly, we can say that these are rules to follow, arising from the use of the bonus casino.

First, you should know that when the house offers a bonus, the money goes to the bonus balance. It should be used for fun on the site, as it is impossible to remove. The money earned by these wanderings will then go to the cash balance. It is about the profit, which one will be able to withdraw in cold hard cash.

But before getting there, you must meet the conditions attached to the casino bonus. The main clause of these conditions is the wagering requirement. To explain it simply, the casino sets an amount that must be spent on the site before you can withdraw your winnings.

For example, “a requirement of 20x the bonus amount” means that you must have used 20 times the value of the bonus before a first withdrawal. Let’s say that if the online casino bonus amounts to €50, you must have wagered 20 x €50, or €1,000.

Very often, other provisions are added to it. This may be a betting limit, a withdrawal limit, the validity of the cash bonus or even the time limit for fulfilling the wagering conditions. Also be aware that the casino may exclude amounts wagered on certain games. These are not eligible and do not help you meet the house requirements.

When a player actually fails to meet these conditions, he loses the casino bonus. In other words, the bonus balance built up during various wins is not transferred to the cash balance.

To avoid unpleasant surprises, it is always better to find out about the conditions linked to a bonus at an online casino.

If, unfortunately, a casino bonus offer does not suit you, you can absolutely refuse an online casino bonus.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What are the advantages of online casinos with bonuses?

Online casinos with bonuses allow you to play longer, thanks to the offers they offer. Bonuses also allow you to test the site at a lower cost

2) What type of bonus can you get at an online casino?

Online casinos offer several types of bonuses: free spins, deposit bonuses, cashback or even bonus money.

3) Are there any conditions attached to the casino bonus?

Not necessarily. But in most cases, casino bonuses are tied to conditions. Some are more complacent than others.

4) How do you qualify bonus money as real money?

To qualify the bonus money as real money, simply wager it on the casino according to the conditions. Winnings will go to the cash balance and can be withdrawn once all requirements are met.

5) How to find the best online casino bonuses?

To find the best online casino bonuses, you can consult the casino guides. These reviews analyze the bonuses of casino gaming sites and find the most advantageous.

For more information visit our website.

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