Top Places to Visit to Discover Canada

One of the most amazing places to visit in the world is Canada. For one, it is known to be one of the most prominent nations in the world. It would interest you to know that Canada has it in the desert. Interesting, right? It does not end here with rivers spanning the length of countries and beaches as beautiful as Utopia. Canada is one country that one must explore at least once a lifetime. With its diverse culture all displayed, due to the amount of immigrants in the country( also known as one the most welcoming countries in the world), you can definitely see that it is a destination point for most.

Once you step into Canada, you will be met with many options for your pleasure. The ice lovers are also not left behind as Canada also houses many Polar bears. You would be spoilt for choice in your quest to discover Canada. Below are the top places, top nature views, and festivals to visit while you are in Canada. 

Top Nature Views to Visit While in Canada 

Below is a list of the must-see places in Canada. 

Niagara Falls 

Niagara Falls’ beauty is not the height( it is not even in the top 100 in the world for heights), but the sight is one to behold. It beats the imagination as one approaches it. The amount of water pouring out every second would be able to fill the body of the ocean for a lifetime. As you sail towards it in your boat, you will be met with a view that beats anything you have ever encountered in your life.

Rideau Canal

A waterway which has existed before the birth of any living human offers a canal, river, and lake in a single location. It has been in existence for about 186 years, and it has a length of 124 miles of waterway. In the winter period, it is known to be the biggest skating arena globally.
During the Winterlude festival, which is held every February, extreme giant sculptures made from ice are on display for all and sundry. You also get to experience a meal called beavertail, which consists of fried flours and a warm cup of chocolate. In the season that the ice melts away, the river becomes home to boats. There is always something for the seasons. 

Bay of Fundy 

The Bay of Fundy can not be said to be your regular Bay. With peak tides marked at about 16m(approximately the height of the 4th floor of a building). This stands it out from other bays in the environment. You have your regular features of a lighthouse, boat, and even trawler. You also do not miss out on the fishing villages which surround it. One of the attractions here is the Blue whale and the right whale, which are attractive here due to the availability of whale food. This is made up of krill and numerous planktons. This is a premium view for the lover of Whales.

Top Festivals to explore why in Canada

  • Montreal Jazz Festival

A festival has over a million calm music lovers who travel worldwide just to experience it. This can be said to be one of the most attended jazz festivals globally. There are a lot of side attractions in the festivals, including the food, drum tutorials, and a freestyle session. You are definitely in for the time of your life. 

  • Toronto Festivals 

If you are a culture lover, Toronto is one for you, and the experience beats all. There are numerous dining locations, ranging from Chinatown to Greek town; it all depends on who you are and your taste bud.
You get to see fittings of your choice from Bloor Yorkville, tattoo houses from Queen-West art, and many other intriguing things. It is known to be the most extensive and most diverse city in Canada. It is interesting to note that it houses the most significant number of immigrants, making it one of the most diverse cultures in the country.


In your quest to discover Canada, you would agree with me that Canada has a lot of attractions on offer to all and sundry rain, from the beautiful festivals to the impressive waterfall. It definitely would keep you busy all through your visit.

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